Two tested positive for coronavirus in Ladakh

A view of Kargil town from a hilltop. Photograph by Saqib Mugloo for The Kashmir Walla

Srinagar: The two patients who have tested positive for deadliest coronavirus in Leh have recently arrived from Iran and had been there for pilgrimage purpose have been admitted to Sonam Norboo Memorial Hospital (SNM) hospital Leh, officials said. 

Medical Superintendent (MS) of the SNM hospital Leh Dr Tsering Samphel said that two individuals have tested positive for novel coronavirus on Saturday, reported wire-service KNO.

In a joint presser , Medical Superintendent Dr Tsering  said that the two patients who have tested positive have their travel history from Iran and had been there for pilgrimage purpose for several days.  

Dr Tsering said that one of the patient admitted to SNM hospital here had flown to Delhi from Tehran back in 26 February after which he landed in Ladakh on 28 February while the another  patient had landed  in Delhi on 22 February and arrived in Ladakh on 27 February who showed some early symptoms was admitted to SNM hospital on 29 February. 

He  said that on arrival after departure on being screened by the medical team they were rushed to medical health centre and kept in isolation centre  as their physique was suspected to have been infected  by COVID-19.

After conducting the tests of suspects the samples were sent to Pune for final confirmation, the results were received this afternoon which showed their tests as ‘positive for coronavirus’, Dr Tsering said.

Dr Tsering Samphel furthermore said that both the patients have been kept in isolation at SNM hospital Leh and the necessary treatment is being given to both of them. However the identification of both the individuals was not known immediately. (KNO)

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