Ruckus at Srinagar airport, after 110 passengers from Ladakh, Bangladesh land

Srinagar: Srinagar Airport witnessed ruckus after the arrival of people mostly students from Ladakh and Bangaldesh landed at the Airport.

Scores of parents were waiting for students to take them to their homes but they were disappointed after all the people who had landed at the Airport were whisked away and quarantined at a private hotel.

Sources told that police at Airport charged agitated parents with canes after they raised hue and cry. Parents alleged that two students from ‘influential’ background were allowed to go home after they were taken out from the Airport premises.

An official said that parents created law and order problem while screening of the people who had landed was going on. He said that anyone arriving in Srinagar from any foreign country and Ladakh region is bound to be quarantined.

He further said 79 people who arrived from Ladakh and 40 students from Bangaladesh today were taken to a place and quarantined. “Proper medical teams have been deputed at the place where these have been quarantined,” he said.

The official denied the allegations that two students were allowed to go to their homes. “These guidelines are for everyone and there is no laxity on part of authorities,” he added.

Meanwhile, fliers alleged that no proper mechanism has been put in place at Srinagar Airport. They said that a flier is asked to wait for hours together and due to heavy rush, there is every possibility of this virus get spread. (KNT)

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