Put students in home quarantine, not in unkempt centers: Srinagar Mayor

Srinagar : Mayor of Srinagar Junaid Azim Mattu has questioned the government directive to quarantine students returning from Bangladesh and other countries.

His remarks come after slew of posts on how unhygienic these facilities are.
Since, yesterday those in the quarantine have posted photos and videos of their rooms etc drawing sharp criticism from every quarter of the society.

Matttu who has been at the forefront of fight against coronavirus while taking to his Twitter handle said, “STOP this UTTER MADNESS please! WHY are we putting these kids in these shabby, unkempt and shoddy “quarantine” centers when they have to be HOME QUARANTINED as per EVERY single guideline INCLUDING those by WHO and Union Govt??????????


Responding to another tweet by a distressed student from the quarantine center, Mattu wrote,  “I’m TRYING to yell and scream and BEG – let’s PLEASE NOT INVENT A CRISIS AND COMPOUND THE CHALLENGE! These students need to be HOME QUARANTINED! Now 80% focus has been shifted on these “quarantine centers”! For GOD’S SAKE please pay heed to guidelines!.”

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