‘Have mercy on us’: Kashmiri writes letter to Coronavirus

Srinagar :As the number of deaths and infected cases due to novel coronavirus increases with every passing day, Kashmiris are asking the virus to stay away from them by addressing it directly.

While posts and memes on the virus have been doing rounds in the valley ever since its outbreak was reported, panic and concern has only started to grow amongst the populace after it knocked the doors in Jammu and the neighbouring Union Territory Ladakh.

The administration has been proactive after first two cases were reported from Jammu, it ordered shutting down of primary schools in four districts of Kashmir and suspended biometric attendence.

The government also shut down the weekly Sunday market and called on people to avoid gatherings.

The panicked valleyites went into panic, buying and hoarding sanitizers and masks. And now, in a unique way, they have addressed the deadly virus directly by writing a letter to it.

The letter is an impassioned appeal to the virus which is addressed as “respected”

The letter has since  gone viral on social media.

Below is the English translation of the Urdu letter:
” To,
Respected Coronavirus,
It is requested that we Kashmiris have been suffering from last seventy years.
We haven’t been able to live our lives freely and the volatile situation has added to our miseries and we haven’t been able to live wholeheartedly.

Now with your expected arrival to valley our anxiety and fear has increased even further. We are living in a miserable condition as we lack both, healthcare facilities and bonafide medicine.
So, for God’s sake, we request you to have mercy on us and spare us.

May Allah bless you in the houses of our enemies.
Request from Kashmiris.”

Here is the original Urdu letter :

بخدمت جناب کورونا واٸیرس صاحب”

جناب عالیٰ

گذارش خدمت یہ ہے کہ ہم کشمیری لوگ پچھلے ستر سالوں سے کرب و ستم سے پریشانِ حال ہیں ۔ ہم نے کبھی سُکھہ اور سکون سے سانس نہیں لی اور نہ نامساٸد حالات نے ہم کو زندگی زندہ دلی سے جینے کی اجازت دے دی۔ اب آپ کی وادی آمد کے خوف سے ہم کافی مضطرب اور پریشان ہیں۔ ہم انتہاٸی کسمپرسی کی حالت میں زندگی گزار رہے ہیں ,نہ طبعی سہولیات دستیاب ہیں اور نہ اصلی دواٸیاں ۔ اس لیے ہم اہلیان کشمیر آپ سے التجإ کرتے ہیں کہ آپ کو اللہ کا واسطہ کہ ہم پے ترس کھاٸیں اور اللہ کے ازن سے ہمیں اس وباٸی مرض کا شکار نہ بناٸیں

اللہ آپ کو ہمارے دشمنوں کے گھروں میں آباد رکھے آمین
عرضِ نیاز مندان
“اہلیانِ وادی کشمیر”

Note : The Kashmir Walla hasn’t been able to identify the original writer of this letter. And is willing to give due credit to the writer.

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