FakeNewsAlert: “SMC is not spraying any chemical during night”

Srinagar Municipal Corporation staff spray disinfectant as a precautionary measure against COVID-19 inside a Srinagar hospital. Photograph by Bhat Burhan

Srinagar: Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has refuted the “news” circulated on social media particularly WhatsApp that the Corporation is going to spray chemicals after 10 pm for prevention of coronavirus. The WhatsApp “news” had also urged people to stay inside their homes after 10 pm.

“This is regarding the fake  news that has just flashed in and people are recieving in thier WhatsApp, and other source of information regarding spraying of chemical to prevent COVID-19,” SMC said in a statement.

“SMC is not going to take up any chemical spraying after 10 pm for prevention of COVID-19, but as routine, sterilisation and sanitisation of different spots, institutions, important destinations etc will be a continuous exercise,” the statement said.

Commissioner SMC Gazanfar Ali has requested people to stay away from such fake news and follow the day to day advisories and precautionary measures that are published, telecast or broadcasted from authentic and reliable sources, the Corporation said, adding, “People should follow SMC official page on FB and Twitter for any update, advisory or other piece of information regarding COVID-19 and other issues.”

“As SMC is going through a tough task to tackle the present situation due to the rise of coronavirus in the valley and it is unfortunate that some miscreants, rumour mongers are trying to circulate the fake news and creating more panic among people. A strict action shall be initiated against those spreading false information,” SMC Commissioner said. (GNS)

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