“Dear world, how is the lockdown?”: Shoaib Akhtar tweets Kashmir meme

Srinagar: Former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar has drawn comparisons between the lockdown in the world following the coronavirus threat with the lockdown of Kashmir.

Akhtar while taking to his Twitter handle posted a picture asking people how the lockdown is. “Dear world how is the lockdown? Kashmir” The Rawalpindi express tweeted.

The phrase has become viral on social media following the forced lock down of countries in view of the coronavirus pandemic. Kashmiris who witnessed largest e-curfew took to their social media handles asking people how they were feeling about it.

The lockdown was imposed in Kashmir following the abrogation of article-370 in Jammu and Kashmir by the BJP led central government.

Authorities imposed a harsh curfew and snapped down all forms of communication in the valley. Sensing trouble over the move they also detained hundreds including three former chief ministers.

While the restrictions were gradually eased down, the phone services were resumed in Kashmir after over 70 days. To this day high speed internet services and hundreds of Kashmiris continue to remain in detention.

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