COVID-19: Two doctors under observation at SKIMS

Srinagar: Two doctors working in leading hospitals of Jammu and Kashmir have been put under observation after they developed symptoms of COVID-19.

Official sources told that both doctors complained of respiratory distress besides fever after which they were kept under observation at SKIMS.

“Two doctors have been kept in isolation under obversation. One of them had contact with the positive patient’s relative and another had a recent ravel history,” said Dr. Farooq Jan, Medical Superintendent at Sher-i-Kashmir Insititute of Medical Science. “They are not kept in isolation because they came in contact while treating the patients,” Jan told The Kashmir Walla.

One of the doctors is working at Description Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) while as the other is working at Description Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS), they said,  adding that they have been kept under observation at SKIMS hospital.

Doctors and medicos of hospitals under GMC Srinagar have alleged that they lack personal protection equipments while authorities deny the allegations, saying that adequate equipments are made available to them.

A senior doctor at SMHS told that despite repeated requests, authorities have failed to provide personal protection equipment including masks, gowns, gloves, sanitizers to doctors and other medical staff.

“Despite knowing the fact that they are vulnerable to all kinds of infections as they deal with hundreds of patients, the response of authorities is totally pathetic,” he said.

Another doctor said that if the approach of authorities remain same, then the situation would turn ugly.

If doctors and paramedical staff will become victims of this virus, then who will treat the patients, he questioned, adding that “I am unable to understand why authorities are not taking this issue seriously.”

“We want to give our best but we need protective measures as lack of protective gear put our lives as well as lives of patients at risk,” he added.

Senior health officials said that they are facing shortage of protective gears. “We are taking every possible step to procure masks and other protective gears at an earliest,” they said. (With inputs from KNO)

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