COVID-19: No positive case in Kashmir so far, says Director SKIMS

A man walks, wearing a mask as a precautionary measure against COVID-19 in Srinagar. Photograph by Bhat Burhan

Srinagar: As 40 out of 41 samples from Kashmir test negative for Coronavirus, the one awaited report should not be a reason to panic, say the authorities.

Director SKIMS, Dr AG Ahangar on Wednesday announced the latest statistics.

Addressing a press conference at SKIMS Soura, Dr Ahangar said there was no need to panic. However, he emphasised that people must take precautionary measures in view of the viral pandemic.

“We monitored every patient with a travel history and took their samples. A total of 41 samples were taken, 40 are negative while the report of one case is awaited,” he said, according to news agency KNT.

SKIMS is now one of the 19 designated testing centers for carrying out the tests after it received approval from the National Institute of Virology.

Given that major emphasis is laid on precautionary and preventive measures in the absence of a ready cure, covering the mouth with a handkerchief or tissue while coughing or sneezing, wash hands frequently with soap and water, refraining from touching the eyes, nose and mouth after sneezing, and taking plenty of hot or lukewarm water are the best ways to keep the virus at bay.

It is also advised that people refrain from visiting hospitals (apart from other places with groups of people gathered in significant numbers) unless there was an unavoidable urgency.

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