COVID-19: Jamiat decides to put Friday prayers on hold till 31 March

Photograph by Vikar Syed for The Kashmir Walla

Srinagar: A religious organization, Jamiat-ul-Ahlihadees on Thursday decided to hold mandatory Friday prayers across Jammu and Kashmir in wake of the deadly coronavirus.

A meeting of Jamiat leaders were held today under the chairmanship of amalgam president Ghulam Muhammad Al-Madni. The meeting was also attended by the General Secretary Dr. Lateef Alkindi and Mufti Jammu and Kashmir Muhammad Yaqoob Baba.

During the meeting, it was decided that the Friday prayers will be put on hold in Jammu and Kashmir till 31 March in wake of the virus that has created panic among the masses.

The decision has been taken according to the teachings and principals of Islam.

Meanwhile Dr. Alkindi said that Muslims can offer ‘Zuhar prayers’ (Afternoon) at the Masjid to avoid large gathering which would otherwise be witnessed during Friday prayers.

It is worth to mention here that some of the Muslim majority countries have also decided to offer prayers at the homes instead of Masjids in a bid to ensure the virus is prevented from spreading. (KNO)

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