COVID-19: Doctors visit infected patient’s native area, collect details from locals

Srinagar: Twenty teams of doctors Thursday conducted door-to-door inquiry about the locals in and around the Khayam area of Srinagar, which is the native place of elderly woman who tested positive for the novel coronavirus yesterday.

An elderly woman from Khayam, Khanyar area of Srinagar city tested positive on Wednesday evening.

She had a travel history to Saudi Arabia where she had performed Umrah and before arriving at her native place, she stayed at a couple of places in the country including Kochi, and New Delhi.

Director Health Service Kashmir, Dr Samir Matuu told Kashmir News Trust that 20 teams of doctors visited Khayama, Muawirabad, Khanyar and its adjacent areas to ascertain facts about the infected woman. Every team comprises of three doctors that visited house to house.

“The exercise had become inevitable as we have reports that a large number of people had arrived to welcome this woman patient after she reached her home from pilgrimage,” Mattu said.

The team of doctors, donning blue uniform, equipped with protective gear visited house to house in Khayam, Bishambar Nagar, Khanyar, Muniwarabad and other areas and requested locals to reveal whether they had been in touch with the patient or met her after she returned from outside.

“We are collecting details and asking people whether they visited the house of the patient, whether, they shook her hands, interacted with her. The exercise is cumbersome but it is very vital to check the spread of the Coronavirus infection in Kashmir,” a doctor said. (KNT)

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