COVID-19: CRPF extends vacation period for on leave personnel by 15 days

Photograph by Bhat Burhan for The Kashmir Walla

Srinagar: In a significant decision taken by the top brass of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has directed its men already on leave to avail further 15 days leave and not to join duties till April 5 in view of the fast spreading Coronavirus. Similarly, the CRPF officials have also cancelled the leaves of those men intending to go home on vacations barring cases having extreme emergencies.

“All our men including officers, who are on leave have been asking not to join duties till April 5. Their leave period has been extended for 15 days. Similarly, leaves of those who intend to leave Kashmir for vacations have been cancelled and only emergency cases will be allowed to avail leave,” CRPF’s officiating spokesman in Srinagar Neeraj Rathore told wire service—Kashmir News Observer (KNO)

He said the decision has been taken in view of the fast spreading Covid-19. “Since travel is the source of virus transmission from one person to another, we have asked our men to stay where they are at present for 15 days,” Rathore said.

He said in view of the deadly virus, every unit has mobilsed it’s Medical Intervention Rooms (MIRs) where a doctor is always on duty and screening is done. “Those with even normal flu are being screened and so far there is no case of high viral load among CRPF men deployed across Kashmir,” he said—(KNO)

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