Covid-19: Admin imposes restrictions under sec 144 in Pulwama

A man walks, wearing a mask as a precautionary measure against COVID-19 in Srinagar. Photograph by Bhat Burhan

In view of Coronavirus pandemic, District Magistrate Pulwama has ordered imposition of restriction on public Movement under section 144 in the district with immediate effect.

The order followed amid the growing threat of coronavirus spread in Srinagar where a sexagenarian woman yesterday tested positive, making it the first case of covid-19 in Kashmir Valley.

“Restrictions have been imposed on public movement, assembly, gathering or procession involving five or more than five persons in the entire district including villages and towns,” reads an order issued by the District Magistrate Pulwama, Dr Raghav Langer.

“The instances of spread of Novel Corona Virus across globe the situation has become a matter of great public concern and advisory has been issued in view of the situation by Government,” the order reads, a copy of which lies with GNS.

The order reads that no public movement /assembly, gathering congregation or procession involving five or more than five persons shall be allowed in the district including towns and villages. It also reads that no public transport shall ply in the district till 31st March 2020 whereas Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, parks and public places shall remain closed.

Any violation by any person shall invoke penal action under Section 188 of IPC, the order reads.

Moreover special Nakas have been established at all prominent places as a measure to restrict the movement of people. (GNS)

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