Coronavirus: Two with travel history of Korea and Malaysia admitted at SKIMS

Two patients with symtoms of coronavirus have been admitted to Srinagar’s Sheri Kashmir Institue Medical Sciences, Srinagar.

The duo who have travel history of Korea and Malaysia according to incharge Medical Superintendent, SKIMS Dr Ghulam Hassan Yattoo and have been admitted in the hospital. “The samples have been drawn out and we are awaiting the reports,” Yatoo told a local newspaper.

Jammu and Kashmir has stepped up preparedness in order to identify the symptoms and deal promptly with the emerging infection of coronavirus.

Although no positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in Kashmir, health officials said all hospitals should ensure their staff is trained, and well-prepared to deal with the virus.

The government has been issuing advisories to inform people of the precautionary measures and symptoms associated with coronavirus.

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