Coronavirus: Restrictions under 144 CrPc imposed in Shopian

Srinagar: Amid growing scare and increase in number of positive cases for coronavirus in India, administration in Shopian has imposed restrictions over the gathering of more than 5 persons at any public place with immediate effect for the period of one month.

The restrictions have been imposed under section 144 CrPc and sources said that other Deputy Commissioners will also issue the similar orders.

“While taking cognizance regarding prevailing health emergency of NOVEL CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) which has affected several countries of the world wherein few cases have also been spotted in India, accordingly an advisory vide this office NO.DCS-SPN-COVID/454 dated. 18/02/2020 was issued wherein the public was advised to refrain from venturing outside in large numbers and avoid mass gathering, crowds, congregations, functions etc.,” reads an order issued by Ch. Mohammad Yasin (IAS), District Magistrate Shopian.

The order further reads that necessary precautions with regard to prevention and control of NOVEL CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) have already been undertaken by the District Administration in co-ordination with Police and Health authorities.

“COVID-19 has pattern of transmission of rapid rate, in case prescribed preventive protocols including avoiding mass gathering etc. are not strictly followed”.

“Now, therefore in view of the above mentioned facts, I, Chowdhary Mohamamd Yasin, IAS, District Magistrate Shopian in exercise of the powers vested in the under section 144 of Cr.P.C do hereby impose restriction/ban over the assembly/gathering of more than 05 persons at any public place of entire Shopian District which includes Shopian town and it’s adjoining areas with immediate effect for a period of one month,” reads the order.

Any violation of this order by any person shall invite action under IPC, the order added. (GNS)

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