Coronavirus reaches New Delhi

While over 3,000 people have died globally due to the deadly coronavirus so far, two more cases of COVID-19 or novel coronavirus have been detected in New Delhi and Telangana, the government confirmed on Monday. The patients had travelled to Italy and Dubai before they were tested positive.

No official vaccination has been developed for the deadly coronavirus so far. Notably, three coronavirus cases were also been detected in Kerala and West Bengal each. All three coronavirus cases in Kerala were discharged from hospital.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has said both the patients are stable and are being closely monitored. More details of their travels are being ascertained.

On 27 February, a special Air India flight carrying 119 Indians, who were stranded onboard a coronavirus-hit cruise ship, Diamond Princess, off Yokohama port in Japan had landed in New Delhi. Apart from this, the government has also rescued 76 Indians from China’s Wuhan region, which is the epicentre of the new coronavirus outbreak.

The government has said it’s closely following the developments in China in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also written to President Xi Jinping, expressing India’s commitment to assist China.

The deadly virus that first emerged in China in December last year has spread to more than 70 countries and has infected more than 88,000 people, including over 80,000 in China.

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