21-year-old Spanish football coach dies of coronavirus

A Spanish football coach Francisco Garcia has died from coronavirus – aged just 21, making him one of the youngest to die of the virus

Garcia had worked with Malaga-based Atletico Portada Alta since 2016, managing their junior side – but was diagnosed with a form of leukaemia after being taken to hospital with severe coronavirus symptoms.

Almost 300 people have died in Spain since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Garcia was the fifth victim of the pandemic in the Malaga region, but by far the youngest – with the others in their 70s or 80s, TheSun.co.Uk reported.

After arriving at hospital, medics found the Spanish coach to be suffering from leukaemia.

The pre-existing condition cruelly affected his ability to fight off the virus, with local health authorities claiming he would have otherwise recovered.

Spanish football, including LaLiga, has already been suspended in a bid to protect players and limit the spread of the killer bug.


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