US Congressmen raise concerns on Kashmir ahead of Trump’s India visit

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A two wheeler stopped by the government forces during restrictions in city. Photograph by Bhat Burhan for The Kashmir Walla

Two US Congressmen belonging to opposite sides of the country’s political divide have expressed concern over the Kashmir issue.

The duo according to a report by NDTV have insisted that the Narendra Modi government release political detainees and restore normalcy in the region at the earliest.

Ami Bera, Democrat Chair of Asia Pacific Group of House Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Congress, and Republican George Holding, who is co-chair of the India caucus, are both visiting India.

Mr Bera told reporters in Delhi that they are keen on bringing a US congressional delegation to Kashmir. “We have expressed our concern on the continued detention of political leaders in Kashmir. We would like to see an early return to normalcy there,” he said was quoted as saying by NDTV.

George Holding expressed a similar sentiment. “A stable political situation in Kashmir is important for its economic development. Increasing economic development in Kashmir is important,” he said.

The comments come less than a week ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India through February 24 and 25.

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