Sri Ram Sena announces reward for chopping off tongues of 3 Kashmiri students

In what can be termed as a growing hateful campaign against Kashmiris, Siddalinga Swami, a honorary secretary of the Sri Ram Sena grabbed the headlines has reeportedly announced Rs 3 lakh as a reward for those who would ‘chop off the tongues’ of the Kashmiri students who were chanting pro-Pakistan slogans, reported One India.

According to a report Siddalinga Swami was seen making a controvertial remark that has been shared on social media. It is reportedly said that he made the comments on Wednesday, at an event in Gadag and said, “there is no place for anti-nationals”.

“On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, I am telling you that those who have been been nurtured by India and chanted Pakistan Zindabad, who are currently in jail, those tongues, with which they chanted Pakistan Zindabad, whoever can cut off those tongues and bring them, the Sri Ram Sena will give them Rs 1 lakh for each tongue – hence, a total of Rs 3 lakh as a reward,” Swami was heard saying in Kannada.

Three students from Kashmir who were studying in Karnataka’s Hubbali were arrested on Sunday on charges of sedition for allegedly raising pro-Pakistan slogans. On Monday, as they were brought to the Judicial Magistrate First Class court premises, the trio were attacked by some right wing elements.

Talib Majeed, Basit Asif Sofi and Aamir Mohiuddin Wahi, the three civil engineering students at the KLE Institute of Technology are said to be from Shopian.

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