People of Jammu and Kashmir happy with abrogation of Art-370: BJP President

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Representative image of BJP's political rally

BJP president J P Nadda on Saturday said that people of Jammu and Kashmir were happy with the abrogation of article-370.

Nadda asked workers in Bihar to dispel “misinformation” about the Modi government”s measures such as abrogation of Article 370 provisions and making triple talaq a punishable offence. He said they should explain to the people that these “decisive steps” had brought “happiness” to residents of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir who were previously deprived of many rights and women who were aggrieved by the practice of instant divorce.

He also asked them to work towards ensuring the NDA”s return to power in the assembly elections due later this year.

Speaking at the function, he called upon party workers to make use of technology at their disposal and explain to the people that “Bihar has the blessings of Narendra Modi, who has provided assistance worth billions to the state and these have been effectively utilised on the ground through Chief Minister Nitish Kumar”.

Apparently mindful of the dissidence that comes to the fore ahead of the elections with many aspirants not being considered for tickets, Nadda said, “Always do remember, politics is a serious full-time job where there is an entry point but no exit.”

“Do not get swayed by concerns of individual benefits. Do remember that if the party thrives, the benefits will reach all,” he added.

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