Delhi violence: Kashmiri youth holed up in Madrasa for 40 hours rescued by IPS officer

A Kashmiri who remained holed up for over 40 hours in a madrasa in old Mustafabad to escape the rioters during violence in parts of northeast Delhi has said that he was rescued by an IPS officer from the mob.

Narrating how he was rescued, Basharat Shaifi, 25 said one of his friends was a Kashmiri journalist whom he contacted on Thursday and told her about his ordeal. She then contacted Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajan Bhagat, who was posted in the Crime Branch in old Mustafabad, IANS reported.

The IPS officer contacted him on phone to tell him about the evacuation plan, following which Bhagat went to the seminary along with a posse of security personnel on Thursday evening and rescued him.

Shaifi said he was at a loss for words to describe how he felt holed up in the crowded place for two nights and a day, always fearful of his safety.

Bhagat told IANS on Friday that it was the police”s duty to ensure the safety of every person stuck in violence-affected areas.

“As soon as I got information about Shaifi, I along with Crime Branch Inspector Vinay Tyagi and a posse of paramilitary force went to the madrasa. The young man was later sent to a safe place of his choice in a police vehicle,” the officer said.

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