Army, Air Force put on high operational alert by government

JK Bank

Srinangar: In view of the ongoing situation in Kashmir valley, Government has put the Air Force and the Army on high operational alert.

Earlier, government on Friday pressed Indian Air Force aircraft for rapid induction of CRPF and other paramilitary troops into Kashmir.


Government has also pressed C-17 heavy lift into service.

On Thursday government announced that over 280 companies of government forces to be deployed in the Kashmir valley.

According to reports, the government forces, mostly CRPF personnel, are being deployed in vulnerable spots in the city and other parts of the valley.

However, no reason was given for the sudden deployment of over 280 companies (28,000 troops) late in the evening.

All major entry and exit points of the city have been taken over by the Central Armed Paramilitary Forces (CAPFs) with token presence of local police, reports said.

Local residents have started panic-buying essentials as they are linking the deployment of forces to apprehension of deterioration in the law and order situation.

The Centre had earlier ordered deployment of about 10,000 central forces personnel to Kashmir in order to strengthen counter-insurgency operations and law and order duties.