Anjumani Sharie Shian protests against ban on Muharram processions

JK Bank

Srinagar: The members of Anjumani Sharie Shian (Darul Mustafa) on Wednesday staged a protest against the government for barring the processions on 8th and 10th Muharram from last three decades.

Members including Aga Syed Abid Alhussaini, Aga Syed Muntazir Mahdi, Aga Syed Hussain,Aga Syed Yousf, Aga Syed Adeel, Nisa H Alamgir, G M Nagoo, Mohammad Safdar Baba and others participated in the protest at Press Solony Srinagar.


The protest was registered against the restrictions and to inform Governor Administration well in advance to lift the ban on these processions and allow the community to take out procession on 8th Muharram from Guru Bazar to Dalgate and on 10th Muharram Ashura from Abi Guzar to Ali Park Zadibal.

“No alternate route is acceptable to us,” the protesters said. (KNS)