NIA shooting the messenger by questioning Kashmiri editor: Shehla Rashid

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Shehla Rashid. Photograph by Shafaq Khan
JK Bank

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement General Secretary Shehla Rashid Saturday condemned the questioning of a Srinagar-based newspaper editor by National Investigating Agency (NIA), and termed it “a move aimed at creating a chilling effect on journalists in the valley.”

Ms. Rashid expressed surprise at the manner in which NIA is investigating the content of articles in the newspaper, she said that, “NIA cannot dictate what articles are written in newspapers. Newspapers are a medium of expression for ideas prevalent in the society. Harassing an editor amounts to shooting the messenger, if you don’t like the message.”

Reportedly, a newspaper editor from Kashmir has been questioned by the NIA in Delhi about the reporting in 2016 uprising, for last few days.

The JKPM urged all political parties to come forward and raise a voice against the manner in which “central government is using institutions to suppress whatever is left of democracy in Kashmir.

“From the issue of highway ban to the issue of NET exam centres, to the harassment of editors, centre is suppressing Kashmiris in every possible way,” said Ms. Rashid.

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