Kashmiris being deliberately harassed: Shehla Rashid on civilian restrictions

JK Bank

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement (JKPM) General Secretary Shehla Rashid on Friday said that the government of India was deliberately harassing Kashmiris.

Rashid made the comments while protesting against the restrictions imposed on civilian movement on Kashmir highway.


Rashid said that Amarnath Yatra was not a problem, “Instead of deploying 40,000 troops, the state government can take our party members as volunteers; they will ensure safety of the yatra” She said.

“No militant organisation issued any threat against Yatra, why then this harassment? This is a deliberate attempt to harass Kashmiris so that they can show to the world that Kashmiris are violence loving people.” She said.

She added that prices have soared since the restrictions on civilian movement during Yatra and people are suffering.