Inam salutes July 13 martyrs

JK Bank

Srinagar: Inam Un Nabi, prominent socio political activist and TV debaterĀ  lauded the sacrifices of 13 July 1931 martyrs terming their sacrifices unparalleled and historic.

“Inam saluted them for sacrificing their lives for better future of Kashmir and fighting the thrusted slavery on Nation of Kashmir with full might.” Said a spokesman in a communique issued here.


He said that Nabi expressed deep dismay over the fact that their sacrifices have been traded by vested leadership and many of them are on one hand paying respect to these martyrs but in other hand doing all actions that go against principles for which these martyrs stood.

“Inam called such leaders as cruel and those filled with hypocrisy.” The spokesman said.

Adding that Inam hoped that Kashmir will rise from clutches of oppression in future to be once again the place full of happiness.

Inam urged all sane voices to pay deep respects to July 13 martyrs.