‘We are same forces, with same capability’: Ghafoor on Pak’s defense budget cut

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Major General Asif Ghafoor
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Major General DGISPR, Asif Ghafoor of Pakistan army said yesterday that India media should remember, in the context of  Pakistan’s internal defense budget, “It’s resolve of force & the nation firmly standing behind its forces.”

Taking to his Twitter handle, he wrote, “Indian fake media busy spinning on our internal def budgeting choice. Don’t forget, we were the same forces with (the) same budget on 27 Feb 19. We (have) the capability and capacity to respond. Remember, it’s not budgeting, it’s (the) resolve of force and the nation firmly standing behind its forces.”


This tweet came after Pakistan had a rare cut-off in its defense budget this year, allegedly to overcome the existing economic woes.

“We shall maintain effective response potential to all threats,” Ghafoor tweeted. “[The] Three services will manage impact of the cut through appropriate internal measures.” Ghafoor said that that the cuts were necessary as money had to be routed to developmental projects in tribal areas and Balochistan.