Muslim man in Assam defies curfew takes Hindu neighbour’s wife to hospital

JK Bank

Not caring about his life a Muslim man drove his Hindu neighbour and his pregnant wife to hospital ensuring safe delivery of a baby boy in the nick of time, despite enforcement of curfew in Assam’s Hailakandi.

According to the Hindustan Times Rubon Das the husband of Nandita was worried as there was no ambulance or other services around to take his wife from Rajyeshwarpur village to the SK Roy Civil Hospital in Hailakandi town several kilometers away.


And that’s when Rubon’s neighbour and friend Maqbool Hussain Laskar heard the news, he volunteered to take his friend’s wife to hospital.

Putting his life at peril with curfew in force, Maqbool took out his auto-rickshaw and drive Rubon and his wife to the hospital.

“Rubon is my fellow villager and his wife was in pain since morning so despite the curfew I decided to risk taking my autorickshaw. We stared at 5 pm. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the hospital from the village. The delivery happened within 10 minutes,” Maqbool was quoted as saying by HT.