Indian diplomats locked up in room in Pakistan, India demands probe

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Srinagar: Following the harassment of two Indian diplomats by intelligence personnel in Pakistan last month, India has raised its concerns with Pakistan over the harassment and had asked it to conduct an inquiry and prevent recurrence of such incidents, news agency India Today reported.

India also conveyed to the Pakistan regarding the security of the Indian High Commission in based Islamabad.


As per reports, the concerns about the security of the mission were conveyed to Islamabad in a demarche on 25 April.

India also sent a verbale note last month to the Pakistan, protesting over the harassment of two of its diplomats by intelligence personnel and when they were allegedly locked up in a room for over 20 minutes at Gurdwara Sacha Sauda Gurdwara near Lahore on 17 April.

The two Indian diplomats, who were at the gurdwara to facilitate Indian pilgrims, were also threatened and asked never come to the area again.

As per the reports, the diplomats were locked up in a room by about 15 intelligence personnel, all their belongings were searched and they were questioned.