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Mob outside the Quantom college in Roorkee. Photograph by Special Arrangement.

Sriangar: As the outrage against the Pulwama suicide attack on 14 February. grows, the Quantum Global University in Roorkee, 70 kilometers away from Dehradun, was vandalized by a mob, constituting students, and locals and forcing the administration to rusticate seven Kashmiri students, including 5 girls, over an Instagram post from last year, while stating the “destructive activities” in the issued letter to the students.

kashmir, jammu and kashmir, kashmir news, india,
Rustication order copy of the college.

Following the Pulwama attack on the paramilitary forces, which took lives of at least 49 CRPF personnel, Kashmiris living, studying or working outside are been subjected to violence. The central government issued the advisory last week to the state authorities to ensure the safety of Kashmiri students across India.

Talking to The Kashmir Walla, one of the students who was on way to Kashmir, wishing the anonymity, said, “hundreds of students gathered in the college, and threatened us shouting anti-Kashmiri slogans. They did destructive activities in the college, and allege that we raise anti-India slogans and that we threatened them,” explaining the fatal environment, he added, “we were seven, and they were hundreds, how can we say anything?”

In the presence of police, a large mob forced the college administration, telling them how to form the rustication letter, and what charged should be included, and made them sign the letter of seven Kashmiri students, with shouting in the backdrop, “they all are anti-nationals and terrorists.”  

In the administration office, gheraoed by the mob demanding particular charges that should be raised against the residing Kashmiri students, the police officer present on the site states that “there should be charges of vandalizing as well,” (against the mob) and was replied by the mob that, “you should name the entire college. They are anti-nationals.”

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Among the rusticated students, three are in B.Tech 3rd year, while remaining four are B. Sc. Radiology 1st year. The students are ascertained about the re-joining of college, if ever. The Kashmir Walla also reached out to the university, but they didn’t respond. As quoted by PTI, the Registrar of the University RK Khare stated that the protesting students threatened to leave the institute if the Kashmiri students were not expelled. “We had to suspend the Kashmiri students to pacify the protesting students and stop them from leaving,” he added.

The Kashmiri student also mentioned on the call that the college administration, and management, alongside the local police, were really helpful and “dropped us to Delhi with protection in an arranged vehicle”.

The reports of rustication and suspension of Kashmiri students have been coming in from across the country over social media posts.

The Kashmir Walla is also running a Live Tracker: ‘Kashmiris face mob attacks, plea for rescue’, documenting every incident of ethnicity-based violence against Kashmiris.

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