Soon after Pulwama attack, which took lives of at least 49 CRPF paramilitary troopers, the panic spread throughout the country, and #IndiaWantsRevenge and #TimeForRevenge started trending on Twitter, and other social media platforms. But, in the same arena, many people from across the country came up on social media, countering the argument, opened the gates of their residences and offered every possible help to Kashmiris living outside the Valley.

From Jammu to Bangalore, various people have offered their contact numbers, and residential addresses to accommodate the needful.

“Dear friends from Kashmir (irrespective of religion), if you are stranded in Jammu and you are with your family. The doors of my house are always open and you people are always welcome PS. Only vegetarian food will be served. Reply to this message for my phone number,” Tejinder Singh Sodhi, a Twitter user wrote on his handle.

A lot of locals offered their help and accommodation to the Kashmiris outside in their respective areas through their social media accounts. In Chandigarh, dinner and accommodation have been arranged by a local college to the students who were forced to leave their rented accommodations.

Another user, Amit Tyagi tweeted that people of India should not treat Kashmiris as enemies. Mr. Tyagi said in his tweet, “My appeal to fellow Indians please don’t get swayed away by rabble-rousing in TV studios. Please maintain peace. Kindly don’t act violently against fellow Kashmiris living across country. I am not just a fellow Indian but I’m a son of late ex-serviceman I feel the pain.”

Many other helping offers came along for the Kashmiri students and other residents, who were panicking due to the current situations in their respective areas. A netizen from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Dushyant posted on his twitter handle that his home and the homes of his other friends are open to any Kashmiri who is not feeling safe in Delhi/NCR.

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Also, others were seen appreciating his offer and showed sympathy to the Kashmiris who were being targeted by mobs. Another Delhi based girl offered her room to any woman from Kashmir feeling unsafe. She added that the person can stay until everything will settle down.

The Sikh population of Jammu also opened Gurdwaras for the needy people. A girl posted on her twitter, “Appeal to Kashmiri’s to reach out to any Gurdwara in other place/region if in need.”

A Delhi based journalist Mr. Rajendra Misra also replied to one #SOSKashmir call, saying, “I live in Ghaziabad. My door is open to any Kashmiri student who is feelig unsafe in Delhi/NCR. Feel free to DM me if you need any help.” He also tweeted: “Kashmiri students shouldn’t be targeted. This madness must stop. The union/state governments must deal firmly with these lumpen bigoted agents of hatred.”

The government at the Centre also issued an advisory to state government and has asked them to ensure the safety of Kashmiri students pursuing their education outside the Valley. Meanwhile, many helplines were set-up for those in need.

A Hyderabad resident, Balaji Venkatesh tweeted: “Any Kashmiri feeling unsafe in Hyderabad. Please feel free to dm me. We always got a home to share.”

These reactions came soon after when various incidents from different states reported that many Kashmiri students studying in various colleges, universities outside the state start receiving threats by some goons.

Many such incidents surfaced from Dehradun, where students were threatened by locals to vacate the residences, and some were also beaten up by the mob.

In a video that has surfaced on Facebook, in which locals in Patna, Bihar can be seen vandalizing the shop of Kashmiri traders and saying the traders to leave the area in 24 hours.

Many more netizens have appeared on social media sites to offer help, and accommodation. The part of another side of #IndiaWantsRevenge, who are trying to safeguard Kashmiris has gained applauds from the netizens.

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