Panic among stranded Kashmiri passengers in Jammu after rally taken out

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Stranded Kashmiri passengers in Jammu, Photograph by Imraan Elahi for The Kashmir Walla
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Srinagar: A day after stranded Kashmiri passengers were thrashed in winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu city, students of Government Gandhi Memorial (GGM) Science College, rallied outside the college campus sloganeering, “desh ke gaddaro ko, goli maro salo ko,” (Shoot the betrayers of the country) accompanied with “Vande Matram” (Long live homeland). 

Imtiyaz Hussain, a stranded Kashmiri passenger, said, “they accused Kashmiri of raising pro-Pakistan slogans in Science College Jammu. Now, we are panicked, and police officials are also showing us a cold shoulder.”


Talking to the media, the stranded Kashmiri passengers said that they are stuck, and want to go home as soon as possible, but blamed the unwillingness of governor-led administration.

A protester in the video said, “issue is our brothers are being beaten up in Jammu Science college, and we want justice.” One of the M.A.M. Government college’s student said on the video that the protest is against the Lathi charge by the Jammu police inside the campus yesterday. 

Another one said we provide Yatris etc with food and help them when they are in Kashmir, while on the other hand we are being beaten, ” What sort of humanity is this?” he asked.

The stranded Kashmiri passengers also urged the government to help them. 

They also blamed the police of showing cold shoulder to Kashmiris, ” In Kashmir they (police) shower us with pellets. Here they were hearing all kinds of communal hatred being spewed upon us,” a stranded Kashmiri said.

Talking to The Kashmir Walla, SSP of Jammu, Tejinder Singh said, “everything is peaceful now. It was just a student rally, and students talk about things



  1. Kashmiri Majority Muslim involved in terrorists activities. Some actively, some silently. All of them are responsible for exodus of Minority Hindus, Killing of innocent Kashmiri Pandits and Indian Armed Forces. Yet they are neither ashamed, nor regret. Instead they feel proud that they have get rid of Kafirs in kashmir and are still pursuing their agenda of establishing islamic ideology and overall peace by killing of Armed persons. And nobody has right to oppose or question their actions as that will be unislamic. Yet they want to get respect, freedom and democratic rights elsewhere.

    • Jaisee Karni, Vaisee Bharnee!
      Jesus Christ message for his flock was …. ” Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”
      Hurriyat, Mehboobs …. pls understand that your activities SHALL NEVER yield dividends. Change the Path of Violence you people are on and not only that, you are instigating the youth of the Valley against our Armed Forces and then you go to the the slain militants to Mourn!

  2. In valley when pelting stones at tourists and Indian security forces, they forget that they are been pampered by Indians. They receive generous funds much more than rest of the country. From Pakistan they receive terrorists and distorted version of Islam. They must realize how Kashmiri Pundits felt when they were butchered, raped and hounded out from their homes.

    • There is nothing called distorted version of Islam!
      Islam/quran as it is against all non muslims and hindus called as isolators subscribe to their highest form of sin among the 72 sins prescribed in their religion Islam!
      So forget moderate Islam, distorted, misinterpreted versions (Islam doesn’t even allow any change or interpretation for modesty or suiting changing times interpretation! The Quran endorses killing of kafirs (again as defined in it) looting their property and even treting captured kafir women as sex slaves! I am saying this after thorough research and one can seek this on the net ! Just read chapters 2, 8, 9 & 10 and you will know why the silent majority fails to resist the fundamentalists in them! Their behaviour at a micro level as being friends is fine and welcome but the indian government must be more alert and enact laws which will protect hindus from persecution! Of late this applies to the Christians aggression against the hindus in south India ! To sum it up historically the Christians and hindus have committed attrocities throughout the world decimating the local culture, enslaving and converting the people while conquering their lands be it Australia, America Africa or Asia violently!
      Now the trend has changed and it is about changing demographics, size power and occupy public spaces etc.,
      Thus if hindus have to survive we should unite and be aggressive where required at say while voting or not allowing subversion of institutions such as the judiciary, election commission, executive and the legislative , as often misused by the Congress party or is the khangress party as it is referred to!

  3. Most of the Indians will never realise the pain of kashmiri as they are very foolish and this is the reason why partition takes place ……and the politicians and media made so much hatred in every Indian that if the constitution would be in their hand they would kill all kashmiris and will take their land……. ……..They don’t know how polite and gentle kashmiris are….I have been to Kashmir……when the road in Jammu is filled with snow the sailors of Jammu sell fruits in double price to kashmiris while in Kashmir when the road is blocked the kashmiri give jammu people food to eat free of cost …No media will ever cover this news……

  4. To whom are you saying to feel the case of death of kashmiri pandit is 299 while that of kashmiri is more than 1000 ……don’t spread hatred here ..first go to your bjp and RSS member to say that. ….its social media not your RSS property ….know some facts before writing

  5. Jaisee Karni, Vaisee Bharnee!
    Jesus Christ message for his flock was …. ” Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”
    Hurriyat, Mehboobs …. pls understand that your activities SHALL NEVER yield dividends. Change the Path of Violence you people are on and not only that, you are instigating the youth of the Valley against our Armed Forces and then you go to the the slain militants to Mourn!

  6. Virender Kaul & Sudhir Rana … i could not agree with you more. ” Apna khoon, Khoon. Doosre ka khoon, Pani?
    Dont worry guys, pray for Modis return. India will sort out the Valley once and for all.

  7. However there are Fiercely Loyal Indian Kashmiri Muslims living in the Valley. But they are scared to speak up against the madness perperated by the hurriyat, mehboobs & pakis. If the local valley kashmiri speaks up against the terrorist; the militant will go to his house and shoot him dead at point blank range and after that the coward of a militant will run away and hide like a rat in the bil till our Security Forces hunt him down and neutralise him that will be followed by a visit from geelani , mehboobs etc to the slain militants house to Mourn.

  8. Virendar koul sir u r totally wrong ….kashmir Pandiths were driven away by Pakistani ideology while as Kashmiri’s still respect and want Pandiths back….even some are living in kashmir valley still…some in our village too….u can confirm from them the reality….Dont share hatred…share love and peace….

  9. Thousand of kashmiri pandit has evacuted from their homes.kashmiri hindu girls and ladies has been tortured and raped by extremist.Even stone has been pelted onindian tourist and soldiers.Theses kashmiri muslim does not show sympathy and humanity to them.

  10. No one is afraid of these RSS goons..we know it is ploy of RSS to divide the people and harass the kashmiris…No matter what comes before us we will emerge out being the victorious InshaAllah….No matter if anyone stands with us or not…We will continue to serve people of india by the hospitality we are known for….no matter what happens to us outside our home,this is what makes us kashmiris…..Amarnath yatra goes on peacefully every year …yatris are being served….they better know it….we won’t harm anyone at home …we are not cowards….but we surely can harm someone in his home no matter if it would b jammu…..

  11. Don’t worry, We keep it on You. These Words You Kashmiri Pandits, we will Remember… Prehaps we were developing soft Cornere in these past Years but No, You will Remain What U are and You got what you deserved and U will get What U deserve

  12. Dear sunil. You have rightly said that majority of muslims in kashmir are aganist india and pick up stones aganist Indian armed forces then u tell me what right is for India to rule Kashmir. Is it not only oppression.

  13. Yes, most of muslim Kashmiri are terrorists or sympathisers, they should be kicked out to pakistan….they have no right to live in our kashmir, real Kashmir belongs to Kashmiri Pandits, who have not converted in to muslims.

  14. Your stones are reaching beyond valley. Great. Your slogan shouting and waving green flags never be pardonded. Don’t play victim card here. You will reap as you sow. No sympathy with you. Remember lakhs of Soldiers guard Amarnath yatra ..from whom ?.

  15. With deepest of concerns for the stranded passengers, many of whom are in deep hole, it is time that those who staged protest understood that raising anti national slogans cannot be tolerated by staunch nationalist people of Jammu. Protest against the administration is fine, but a word against India is absolutely unacceptable.