Mob beats up Kashmiri shawl trader in West Bengal, forces him to shout ‘Vande Mataram’

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Screengrab of video
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Srinagar: A Kashmiri shawl trader from Soibugh area of  Budgam district has become the latest victim of mob frenzy in West Bengal following last week’s bombing on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama which left 49 troopers dead.

Javid Ahmad Khan (27) of Astanpora mohallah of Soibugh was beaten by an abusive mob in Taherpur area of Nadia district last night, the video of which went viral on social media.


In the video, Khan can be seen bleeding from his mouth and nose, as men who can’t be seen hurl abuses at him while forcing him to shout ‘Vande Mataram’.

Greater Kashmir quoted one of Khan’s cousin’s as saying that Khan was staying at his rented accommodation along with his brother when the mob attack took place around 9 pm last night.

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“Both Javid and his brother Mehraj ud Din had closed their shops following tension over Pulwama attack. But last night a mob attacked Javid at his rented accommodation,” he said, adding that the police arrived at the scene after an hour.

“They saved him from the mob and shifted him to a safer location. But before their arrival on the scene Javid was assaulted by the mob,” he said.

Eldest among five siblings, Khan like scores of other Soibugh residents, has been engaged in shawl trading in West Bengal for past many years. “He has been visiting Kolkata for past ten years,” said his cousin.

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Police officials told GK that Khan was safe now and had been shifted to safer location.

The attack on Khan comes just two days after chief minister Mamata Banerjee blamed the workers of the BJP and RSS for a string of assaults in the state.

Similar attacks took place on Kashmir traders at Budh Marg in Bihar last week when a mob vandalized their shops of Kashmiri traders and threatened them to leave the state following an attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama that left 49 troopers dead.


  1. Today we failed ourselves not only as a human beings but also as a citizens of this nation who couldn’t protect it’s own fellow citizens from this air of frenzy violent antinational group who are beating our fellow kashmiri people. What are you getting from this? Will you get back the lifes of the lost soilders? These people aren’t terrorist. Let them live them peacefully. We people are creating a serious rift in the society, for good sack stop it .

  2. Kashmiri business man is very old in our Kolkata, specially shwal seller, from my childhood I have seen them to sell Shawl treaders in Kolkata ,is our friend, Kashmir people also very nice, lastly they are indian

  3. The incident is contrary to the culture and tradition of our country India which believes in Basudhoiba Kutumbokom . We deeply mourn the death of the soldiers and condemn such attack on any person based on one’s religion, province, caste etc. We must keep in mind the residents of Kashmir are Indian too and any such incident will strengthen the hands of the separatists and terrorists there.

  4. Not acceptable. These people are toiling to make ends meet in different parts of India. They are not part of those Islamic brainwashed buggers who have resorted to terrorism leaving their humanity behind. We need to think rationally as these trader Kashmiri ‘s are part of Bharat. They are Bharatiya and should have all rights to live in any part of India.

  5. The incident is contrary to the culture and tradition of our country India which believes in Basudhoiba Kutumbokom . We deeply mourn the death of the soldiers and condemn such attack on any person based on one’s religion, province, caste etc. We must keep in mind the residents of Kashmir are Indian too and any such incident will grow a feeling of alienation in them, resulting in the strengthening of the hands of the separatists and terrorists there. Down the ages so many races have invaded this country but given in to its richness of culture, cultural pluralities, peaceful coexistence of people of different opinions, religions etc. There are many reasons for it to become the example of great nation of Unity in diversity to the world .

  6. This way the people are creating hatred in Kashmiri life.. This act of people will bring hatred towards their mind.. Why innocent people are dealt with such contempt in their own country.. We should make them feel love no brotherhood towards kashmiri people mind and 💜❤ then forth the terrorist will stop making people against India.. All Kashmiri people of love India just because of few terrorists we should not held them guilty.. It is time to be United.. Mataji, laloo ji stop ur dirty politics in the name of terrorism in the innocent life of Kashmiri people

  7. Kashmiris behave like Jamais of India, they suck our hard earned taxes, don’t work and live a life of pleasure in India. They won’t praise but abuse India, but will make their living selling shawls at exorbitant rates. It serves them right that when they refuse to praise their & our motherland, they be forced to do so.

  8. I feel ashamed,as i always considered India and its people my own country with love and affection..what is happening in the interests of few selfish politicians,is really shoking..And more shoking is 90 percent good indians say nothing about this cruelity…Riyaz wani..

  9. This is not the way to show patriotism these fringe elements are very dangerous for the society. I appeal every one that these Kashmiri is also an Indian Citizen please don’t eliminate them We should unite at this time so that Terrorism can be eliminated. Don’t make these activities so that our unity can expose. Please be Unite and stand with our brave Soldiers family so that they can eliminate terrorist and Terrorism… Jai Hind

  10. Bloody mob… and they wonder why there r terrotist attacks…. u beat up ur own innocent brother and then shout abuse at ur neighbour and then yet again ‘wonder’ over a cup of coffe why r there ‘terrotists’ uprising ……vandals…where is ur humanity???

  11. What d hell these ppl try to do.. Those fools. . Beggars in Kashmir… How much we respect them n their jobs in Kashmir and what they do in return… Bengali beggars.. Bihari beggars.. (not all…)

  12. On behalf of all bengalis I apologise to my kashmiri brothers for this hooliganism.a section of bengalis is falling in the trap of fundamentalists who want to use every opportunity to divide Hindu and Muslim brothers.this is scary given the fact that never in history of Bengal has the two religions shredded blood of each requires wide spread political struggle to prevent such division. We love our kashmiri brothers and stand United with the soldiers and fellow citizens

  13. This is outright disgraceful act by the mob, everyone involved in this incident and other such incidents across India should be brought to justice.
    An Indian citizen has every right to move and live in any part of India and no citizen has to prove their alligence to their country. I bet no one in the mob ever thought of serving the army. I condemn Pulwama Attack as much as I condemn such acts against Indian citizens. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Kashmir is a part of India, and if we want it to be this way in the future such henious acts won’t help our case and becomes a sign of oppression. I’m sorry for all the hatred innocent people are getting because of terrorists.

  14. These RSS/BJP agent have lost their senses and think they are doing good job for India. But these morons forget that they are alienated kashmiri from India more and more and their would be no way from where we live in peace with them. As with their policy to resettle kashmiri pandit in kashmir fail , they are taking revenge from Muslim kashmiri. This might be became more difficult for kashmiri pandit to resettle in kashmir and harm the Indian efforts. So. These morns are desh drohi and not desh bhaktas.

  15. Innocent people,who lead a decent life,earning their bread with honour,should never be equated with someone who lead and promote tension within the country…Each person is a unique individual,and has the right to lead his life witj honour..Attacking innocent people is not correct.

  16. No one touches any Kashmiri anywhere, but when they indulge in sloganeering against India and also celebrating the martyrdom of those CRPF में who were killed in suicidal attack, the patriotic Indians lose their patience.

    • And who exactly decides that beating up traders is the right thing to do.. Brother if they’re such patriots why are they not joining the army or do some service to Actually help our country.

    • Absolutely right. There are Kashmiris selling shawls and other clothes. People buy without any sense of animosity. Even if we assume unwarranted violence, it is the TMC cadre who are violent in WB. Mamta didi and her cohorts can go to any length.

  17. Please do not be bias. Fanatic RSS,BJP workers leave no occassion to attack students and businessmen in all states of India, when they have nothing to with attack on para military forces. Do not you know that human dreds of students have been for ed to leave the colleges for none of their fault. Always speak truth.

  18. I am a resident of kolkata and i think i know this guy. This picture is not clear enough and he is brutally beaten up therefore im not sure whether its one of those kashmiris who used to come into our locality to sell shawls. They are good are people who suffer from poverty. These fellow guys are innocent. I am exceedingly surprised at the stupidity and illeteracy of the people of bengal. #StopRacialism

  19. Why does he needs to beaten to utter ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’? Why can’t he spontaneously tell it? A lady called in a Kashmiri hawker in Ranaghat, West Bengal and asked him to say Jai Hind, he refused. So you can well understand their loyalty. They’ll enjoy Indian benefits but eulogise Pakistan. Times have changed.

  20. I am so happy that Mob is so powerful in our state…. But…. But, why they were not present during sharda cand to save common man , why they were not took action against rose valley cand’s person and why they were not there when any crime happened against small kids in rallies……. I am really surprised, what are the face of Mob…… And kashmiri person, why can’t you speak Jai Hind, are you not Indian even the foreigners came India for tour they praised our country why not you. It’s your country if you really mean it

  21. You can’t do nothing to attackers but cowardly attacking ,harassing innocents Kashmiris is your frustration.thanks to Sikh community especially khalsa aid group whom saved lives of our children,we will never forget you and salute to you .