Youth sustains severe head injury, family accuses forces

Muhammad Younis. Photograph by Sanna Irshad Mattoo
JK Bank

The teenager identified as Muhammad Younis, a resident of Habba Kadal, had a grave head injury after allegedly a CRPF personnel tossed a brick at his head during the clashes.

However, the kins said that they had sent him to buy vegetables and a CRPF man, camping in the bunker at the main chowk Habba Kadal, lobbed a brick at him, which left him critically injured.


The incident triggered massive protests in the area with the protesters demanding stern punishment against the CRPF man.

CRPF spokesman in Srinagar, Sanjay Sharma while terming the incident as unfortunate, told a news agency, that a group of five to six youth started pelting stones at the bunker and while chasing them away, a youth slipped and fell down. “This is the factual story,” he added.

Meanwhile, a doctor at the SMHS hospital treating him said the youth has sustained a head injury and there is a fracture in his head bone beside a clot. “We are sure that he will make it hopefully,” the doctor said.