Won’t allow homosexuality in Army, says Bipin Rawat

bipin rawat, army chief, homosexuality in indian army
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Indian Army  will not  allow LGBT or homosexual activities among its forces, army chief chief General Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday, India Today reported.

He said  force will not allow homosexual “activities” or adultery because of its deeply conservative nature. Adding that the Army has its own laws regarding homosexuality when asked about the Supreme Court’s historic verdict legalising gay sex.


The Supreme Court, in a historic verdict, decriminalised adultery as well. However, Rawat said that adultery remains an offence in the Indian Army.

Rawat said that the Indian Army is “very conservative” and that the “soldier on the border cannot be worried about his family back home”.

“The same is on the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] issue,” General Rawat said. “In the Army we cannot accept it.”

“Army will not allow LGBT activities in the force. We have some section in Army acts to deal with this,” Rawat said.

General Bipin Rawat’s comments came during his annual press interaction. He was asked about the Indian Army’s current stand on gay sex and adultery in reference to two Supreme Court verdicts that decriminalised both.

General Rawat also spoke about the use of social media for armymen — an issue that has remained controversial. General Rawat said that social media cannot be “banned” but officers and jawans have been advised how to use it for “constructive purposes”.

“We have taught our men that how the social media is being used by our adversary to trap us. So don’t get trapped by social media,” General Rawat said. “Let me tell you that a lot of people have been honey trapped.