Will try to solve Kashmir issue politically, not harsh ways: G A Mir

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State Congress President Ghulam Ahmed Mir.
JK Bank

Srinagar: State Congress President Ghulam Ahmed Mir on Sunday said that their party will try to solve the Kashmir issue politically not through harsh ways.

Addressing media persons today Mir said that Congress never diminished by the step taken by any other political party. “We have been in the field for the last 135 years, before the independence and after that,” said Mir. “It was also said by the PM Narender Modi that he will form the nation in Congress, but in future, he will know what country wants.”


“There are a lot of things needed before shaking hands with any party to come up with a joint government. Congress as a national party is introspecting the situation as per their prism,” he said.

He further added that yesterday, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi announced that they will make the grounds in Uttar Pradesh soon and he is not against the step of making alliance government there.

Responding over the question of forming reconciliation commissions in the state, Mir said that it has always remained on the lips of local mainstream political parties, but when they come in power they don’t follow their promises. He added, “This is the track record of the regional parties so far.”

He also said that Congress as a national party will focus on the issues and problems faced by the common people. “We are constantly keeping an eye on the issues and will try to solve them in best possible ways,” Mir added.

He also recalled the policies made by the then Congress government for the state to help in minimizing the problems of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Before four year, there was a policy from the center to check the problems of the people and listen to their pleas. We will form such plans in next election manifesto so that we will gain the trust of people of Jammu and Kashmir,” Mir said.

Further expressed that if Congress party will come in power in the next Lok Sabha elections they will definitely try to solve the Kashmir issue politically. “It was said by the previous government formed by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) that they will do that but unfortunately they did not.”

Mir said that the Indian constitution and the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir is well defined, and the rights provided under it should not be violated in any way. This should be applicable to every government and should maintain the rights of the people of the state.

“Talks should be done in a credible way and we will get the point from all stakeholders to invite them to place their point on our table. It was done earlier also but some people distanced themselves from it,” Mir added.

Claiming that his part has resolved conflicts in Punjab, Assam and in Masuri and on that experience they will talk to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to solve the issue.

“We will also hold talks with the Hurriyat Conference to solve the issue. Except for talks, there is no solution for this issue,” Mir said.