Two Iranians among 29 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan

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File Photo Photograph courtesy: VOA news
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At least 29 Taliban fighters, including two Iranians, were killed in operations and airstrikes by Afghan forces in Faryab province in northern Afghanistan, the military confirmed on Wednesday, Al Arabiya reported.

The operation, which took place on Tuesday, marks the first instance that Iranian citizens have been officially found fighting in Taliban ranks.


.The deaths include also two local Taliban commanders Nasratullah and Sadi who were killed in airstrikes, the statement added.

Twenty-three more militants were injured and a Taliban hideout was destroyed.

Also four Afghan forces were injured in the clashes, the statement said.

A local official said, “The Iranians have beenĀ involvedĀ in security incidents in Afghanistan, such as arming and financing the subversive groups, but this is the first time we see Iranians fighting within terrorist groups in Afghanistan.”