Taliban agrees to bar Al-Qaeda, Islamic state from entering Afghanistan

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File Photo Photograph courtesy: VOA news
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The Taliban has agreed to block Al Qaeda and the Islamic State from entering Afghanistan to plot terrorist attacks, according to a report by Wall Street Journal.

Such an agreement has been a requirement that the U.S. has pushed for since last July, and it comes as the U.S. and the Taliban are participating in discussions in Doha, Qatar, about how to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan.


But still on the negotiating table is one of the Taliban’s main priorities: removing U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

A source familiar with the deal told the Wall Street Journal conversations are continuing concerning the status of the approximately 14,000 U.S. troops in the region, as are discussions for future plans of U.S. bases in Afghanistan that the Taliban wants closed.

A Taliban spokesperson said Monday they would continue to negotiate with Khalilzad in Doha given “American acceptance of the agenda of ending invasion of Afghanistan and preventing Afghanistan from being used against other countries in the future.” Discussions have continued in Doha since Monday.

This week’s meetings, which had been originally slated for only two days, have also been dominated by Taliban demands for a withdrawal of American forces and a US call for a ceasefire. The militants have publicly called for a complete pull out, but are understood to be open to a phased withdrawal. America wants long term bases in the country however.


  1. US… Should just leave Afghanistan… They are the main cause of unrest on the Earth. Please return back and let people take care of their own nation.Kindly stop interfering in others affairs. Afghanistan was such a peaceful nation before 2000 and you guys destroyed everything for your gains.