Norway PM has not offered to mediate between India and Pakistan: Ambassador

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Ambassador of Norway

Norwegian Ambassador Nils Ragnar Kamsvag on Monday denied reports that prime minister of Norway had offered to mediate between India and Pakistan

Kamsvag while taking to his Twitter handle said that Norway had neither  been asked nor offered to mediate, “PM @erna_solberg has not offered to mediate between India and Pakistan as has been erroneously reported. Norway has neither been asked nor offered to mediate.”

Earlier NDTV had reported that Prime Minister of Norway had said that Norway was willing to mediate between India and Pakistan, provided both sides wanted the same.  She had also said the Kashmir problem could not be solved only from a military standpoint, and that popular support was also important.

However, Norwegian Ambassador denied the reports as ‘erroneous’.

Earlier Mirwaiz while reacting to Journalist Nidhi Razdan’s Tweet where she had mentioned about the possible mediation of Norwegian prime minister had welcomed the move, “Welcome Prime Minister of Norway @erna_solberg‘s statement with regards to the resolution of the #Kashmir dispute. We also welcome their offer of mediation to facilitate peace in the region.” Mirwaiz tweeted.

Nidhi was quick to respond to Mirwaiz and clarified that Norway had not offered mediation, “She didn’t however “offer” mediation. She was answering a question on if Norway saw a role to mediate between India and Pak, she said “if there is an interest from the partners, we will try to use the mechanisms that we know; the partners need to want to sit down and discuss” Nidhi replied to Mirwaiz’s tweet.


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