Kupwara Massacre: 25 years on, city observes shutdown

Kupwara Massacre
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JK Bank

Kupwara shuts against the infamous massacre that occurred on 27 January 1994, in which 27 civilians, including 3 policemen, lost their lives after government forces opened fire.

Prior to that day, allegedly, the army had warned locals of serious consequences of ‘not attending the Republic Day function’; apparently, the locals didn’t turn up,  and next day, when the market opened, soldiers came in the truck and fired at them.


Today, after 25 years, all shops and other business establishments are closed and traffic remained off the roads in the district as a tribute to the victims of the massacre.

Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) had earlier called for a shutdown in Kupwara as well. As per recorded eye-witnesses, “army fired indiscriminately on the civilians and then didn’t allow to collect the dead bodies or take injured to the hospitals.”

Taking to Twitter, former IAS officer, and aspiring politician, Shah Faesal said, “attempting military solutions to political problems will lead to nothing but graveyards on this side and graveyards on that side. Today, on the 25th anniversary of Kupwara Massacre, my solidarities are with the people of Kashmir and their sacrifices. Time for resolution is now.”

Deployment of forces has been made to provide any untoward happening in the area. Every year, Kupwara shuts against the killing of these civilians and demand their unmet justice.