Kashmiris left with two options, either to migrate or fight this oppression: Geelani

geelani leaves for sopore,syed ali geelani, syed ali shah geelani
Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Chairman of Hurriyat Conference.
JK Bank

Srinagar: “Oppression has touched new heights of alarming line in Jammu and Kashmir and the oppressor has turned this beautiful place into a battle field and there seems to be no end to it. In these circumstances, we have only two options, either to migrate or fight this oppression. Since migration is not possible for us we will have to rise to the occasion and fight against the oppression,” said chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani, in a telephonic address to the mourners of the ‘martyr’ Saqib Ahmad.

In a statement, he said that New Delhi instead of accepting ground realities, is hell-bent to suppress us with its military might, and reiterated his pledge to take the movement to its logical end and will never allow any body to barter the precious blood of martyrs.


“We need to be aware of this and we are duty bound to safe guard their sacrifices and should desist from such activities which prove detrimental for our movement,” he said.

Hailing the sacrifices rendered by youth, Hurriyat (G) chairman said that their blood is precious than Haram-e-Paak and the people who bargain these sacrifices for their personnel gains are those consciousness people who betray their milli interests and will definitely get punished for such deeds in hereafter.

He said that since past 71 years our nation has rendered unparalleled sacrifices, thousands were caged and brutally tortured, properties worth billions razed to ground and looted, and sexual assault and rape used as war weapon. But India has not been able to suppress our emotions with this brutality.

Stressing upon people in general and youth in particular, Hurriyat chairman said that we need to strengthen our faith, avoid miss deeds and nourish the Islamic culture in our homes and society without indulging in sectarian hatred and social evils.
He said that election drama and the multi faced political stooges pose as our saviors to fetch them votes in the name of roads, electricity and water, but in reality they are the people who strengthen the unholy bond of slavery so nation as a whole should desist from any support to them.

Pro-freedom leader that our movement has become so precious that no perk and privilege can compel us for any compromise.

Meanwhile, expressing his grave concern on the deteriorating health condition of Hurriyat leader Hakeem Abdul Rashid lodged in Kotbalwal jail, Hurriyat Conference (G) General Secretary Gh. Nabi Sumji said that our prisoners face the wrath of communal frenzy at the hands of fascist jail authorities.

He said that Hakeem Abdul Rashid is suffering from many ailments and his health has worsened in the Kotbalwal Jail and even he is not being treated and criminal negligence by the authorities has taken a heavy toll on his health. (KNS)


  1. Kuchh bhi bol bachchan kar lo, Kashmir to Bharat ka atoot ansh rahega. Ye Geelani jitni buland awaaz mein bolega utna hi is duniya ko yakeen hoga ki Bharat mein apni rai rakhne ke azaadi sab ko hai.

  2. Gillani cannot misled the Kashmiri’s with his blatant lies and he might be ranting pro- democracy vituperative rants but cannot deny the fact that Kashmir is an integral part of india and in due course these Anti National’s would repent for their crimes against humanity when they deported lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley . Why can’t his heart bleed for displayed Hindus ? Aren’t they not liable for human rights ?

  3. Why don’t you migrate along with your jihadis to your masters land in Pakistan. You have fattened yourself by largesses of government . Otherwise you were a beggar. Now you have accumulated wealth at the cost of blood of misguided youth.

  4. This clearly is a war between Jehadi and Kaafir’s from very begining. Muslims never think themselves as humans and their right matter more than others.
    Hope India will start breeding Lakshman and Hanumaan to kill these butchers without mercy. Till now India was enslaved by Congi dogs.

  5. This high time to choose ur country else will b eliminated …..
    Choice is urs…. the clock is ticking…. be quick else face the elimination.
    This new India …. forget about the old dogla Congress leaders…
    Today’s India is no room for anti nationalist pro Pakistani kutta…
    Bharat Mata ki Jai…

  6. Geelani, my nephew is in Arms forces as a Lieutenant and he says his subordinates are 70 percent Kashmiri Muslims. They are very much with India and abuse Hurriyat for misleading the youth and at the same time having a very cosy life. Their children are studying in US and UK or in best schools and colleges in India. Once these separatists are removed there will be peace in Kashmiri

  7. Dear geelani u r very much aware that u hv no identity in Pakistan u r called muhazir there, the govt of India is ur father and mother, if u want good for urself then keep quiet and help the army.Not only u but also mirwaz farooq.,yasin Malkin and ors guys

  8. People who feel that Indian Government are not doing the right thing are most welcome to pack their belongings and move away…Are anyone stopping them? surely not….Its a simple case of misguiding the youth of the valley by these horrible ,so called Hurriyat leaders.

  9. The greatest dis-service to the people of Kashmir has been done by Mr GEELANI. What is happening in Kashmir is because of him and other separatist leaders who act on the dictates of Pakistan. He and other separatist leaders are the persons who on the dictates of Pakistan saw to it that Kashmiri Pandits should get brutally killed and abandon the valley. When his children and grandchildren are enjoying in India at various posts then why does he exploit the common youth of Kashmir is a million dollar question.Lies spoken by him do not stand the test of time.

  10. Mr Raina then Governor Jagmohan and panildit leaders r responsible for shifting of pundits from Kashmir valley under a,well thought conspiracy to eliminate all muslims in Kashmir. But there is the Almighty Allah who had something else in store ,both for pandits and muslims. Pandits got benefitted by migration and all muslims could not be killed by jagmohan. Though he got thousands of kashmiris martyred by security forces till he was governor.

  11. Why Gillani and other hurriat leaders the mob personally and sacrifies themselves for going to jannat as they teach the youth of Kashmir. Who seen the terrorist jhiadies going to jannat after death in shoot out. Why the leaders of hurriat won’t like to go to jannat. They are only sending youth to jannat and they, themselves wanted to stay in hell, depend on indian help for food and security because their blood is precious than Harram-e-paak as Gillani said in his above statement.

  12. Thanks to Mr gilani sab. He has shown right path of the people of Kashmir ask.kASHMIR & KASHMIRI naver ever accept India as there country only we know it was forced occupation.so we are determined now .Kik India out from our heavenly nation .that made it dirty.we wash it with out blood . KASHMIR was free will be free