Kashmiris drawn towards militancy due to religious misinformation: Army chief

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JK Bank

Srinagar: Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat has said that educated youth in Jammu and Kashmir are drawing towards militancy because ‘falsehoods on religion are being fed to them’

Rawat said a different kind of “radicalisation was being witnessed in India and in Jammu and Kashmir, the youth were getting radicalised due to a lot of misinformation, disinformation, and a lot of falsehoods on religion being fed to them.”


“That is why you find more and more educated youth being drawn into militancy,” he said

Claiming that “terrorism is becoming a new form of warfare”,  Rawat said the menace is spreading its head like a “multi-headed monster” and is “here to stay” as long as states continue to use it as a state policy.

Rawat, speaking at a panel discussion at the Raisina Dialogue here, also said that there was a need to control social media as it was becoming a source of spreading radicalisation.

.”Terrorism is here to stay as long as there are nations that continue to sponsor it as a state policy,” Rawat said.

“Terrorism is becoming a new form of warfare. A weaker nation is using terrorists as proxy to put pressure on another nation to come to terms with it,” he said.

On the Afghan peace process, he said there should be negotiations with the Taliban, but without conditions.

He also said that Pakistan has always kept the Taliban in its backyard and should be concerned about it. (with inputs from PTI)