Can’t disown stone throwers in Kashmir, they are my people, says Basant Rath

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Srinagar: IPS officer Basant Kumar Rath on Thursday said that the stone throwers in Jammu and Kashmir are his people and he cannot disown them.

Rath was addressing a gathering at India Today Mind Rocks, where he also said that the Indian media fails to understand the core issue of Kashmir, reported India Today.


“Kashmiri people are my people… can’t demonise them. People by nature are people. They have emotions and feelings, you [have to] treat them well,” he was quoted saying.

Former IGP Traffic in Jammu and Kashmir, Rath also added, “Just because somebody doesn’t agree with you [the government], you can’t demonise them. Kashmir has a history – We have to respect the sentinments and the people there. There is a gap between the politicians speeches and bureacrats’ work on ground.”

He was transferred in November 2018 after going through series of controversial discussions and statements.