Amit Shah has contracted suar ki beemari: Congress leader

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Amit Shah, president of BJP
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Amit Shah who contracted the swine flu virus was mocked by Congress leader for contracting the disease.

“Because of everything that is happening in Karnataka, Amit Shah has panicked and has contracted a virus. It is not normal fever. It is swine flu — suar ki beemari.” K Hariprasad, a Congress MP, was quoted as saying by India Today.


He said this in context of the two parties exchanging poaching charges in Karnataka.

The state has been in a major political turmoil ever since Congress troubleshooter DK Shivakumar accused the BJP of trying to upstage the government by indulging in horse-trading. The BJP, in turn, alleged the Congress party was trying to influence the saffron leaders.

To this end, Hariprasad further said, “If he [Amit Shah] tries to topple the Karnataka government, he should know, he will suffer from an upset stomach too.”

Amit Shah on Wednesday tweeted that he was suffering from swine flu. He was admitted to AIIMS in New Delhi.

Shah had written: “I have been diagnosed with swine flu for which the treatment is underway. With God’s grace and good wishes from all of you, I will recover soon.