Zakir Musa led Ansar issues “Security Guidelines” to militants

zakir musa
Poster released by AGH on its media channel Al Hur via Telegram.

Srinagar: Ansar Ghazwat ul Hind (AGH), led by commander Zakir Musa, has released what it calls “Security Guidelines” for the militants in Kashmir, calling to stay away from the residential areas.

In a poster released via its media channel Al Hur on Telegram, AGH gives eleven point instructions. Stressing on the need of maintaining secrecy about locations without giving away the location of hideouts and other points to anyone in any circumstances, it further says, militants “should make their hideouts themselves without the help of any civilian or worker.”

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Since the AGH has been formed, it is for the first time that the outfit has released such detailed guidelines for the militants. However, the militancy has been hit massively in the recent weeks with major gunfights by the joint operations of army, police and paramilitary forces. It is unclear whether other outfits will now follow the AGH or take their own decisions.

AGH also asks militants to stay away from residential areas, while at the same time “mobile phones should be used very less and with precautions. Make use of VPN Tor etc. Do not use BBM and instead of it use other encrypted apps. Use internet only for necessary communication and do not make any sensitive communication through it.”

The group was formed by former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zakir Musa, who dissociated himself to form AGH. As the number of militants killed this year has reached above 200, including over a dozen AGH militants, the group tells the militants to “keep your movement limited as much as possible.”

It also adds that if the militants have to meet with each other, “they should opt to meet at different points from their own points which should be mutually decided by them and awake from any residential area.”

The recent killing of AGH’s militant was of its commander Shakir Hassan Dar in Tral area of South Kashmir.

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    Are people of Kashmir really so dumb not to understand al hur and ansar gawtaul hind
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