Please return and reconsider your decision:Father appeals to Manjot

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Manjot Singh Kohli. Photograph: Facebook

Father of Manjot Singh Kohli has appealed  his daughter to reconsider her decision to donate her kidney to a Muslim girl and return home.

“I request everyone to bring my daughter back. I don’t know under whose influence she is doing it. Please return to your home,” Manjot’s father can be heard saying in a video that has gone viral on social media.

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Manjot 23, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur district has been in news for her gesture to donate her kidney to a Muslim friend, Samreena Akhtar who is suffering from organ failure.

Ever since the news has spread on social media, Manjot has been praised for her humanitarian gesture. However, her father has not been too pleased with the decision and has requested her daughter to return as he is not well.

“Everyone in Udhampur knows me as Pinka. This girl has not been in contact with me for 8 to nine months. I request her to return as I am not well,” he says in the video.

Adding that he is 75% disabled, “ I request director SKIMS and governor to save my life, and bring back my daughter..” He says.

“I will donate both my kidneys. You just return. Your mother is dead. You are just 22 years old. Who will take care of us,” a visibly upset Pinka says in the video.

He further appeals the governor to help him, “ Please help, the girl will survive but her father will not,” Pinka adds.




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  1. Will this decision of the sikh girl change the attitude of Muslims. They will remain same as ever. Generosity and greatness of majority Community of India and Indian Govt since 1947 have not changed the anti Indian and anti Hindi mindset of Kashmir Muslim. They succeeded in exodus of Pandits by brutly killing their community members because they were kafirs that is not worshiping Islam even if they believe in God. These asshan farosh, gaddar are good for nothing. They do not deserve humanity. They invite hate. They by their deeds are not loyal to their Motherland, what to expect from these anti nationals.

  2. Emotional blackmail!! What’s wrong if she is donating her kidney to a patient? People like pinka love to spread communal difference in the society. If he wants to die, he may who is stopping him. Very sad indeed….