Pakistan can seek help from India if it feels it cannot handle terrorism alone: Rajnath

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Home Minister Rajnath Singh Sunday said Pakistan could seek India’s help if it cannot handle the fight against terrorism alone.

Addressing a press conference, Rajnath said that Jammu and Kashmir was not an issue as it was an integral part of the country. “The issue is of terrorism, and Pakistan can discuss it,” Singh said.

“I want to ask the Pakistani prime minister that if in Aghanistan, a fight can be carried out against terror and Taliban with the help of the US, then, Pakistan can seek help against terrorism from India if it feels that it cannot handle it alone,” he said.


He also accused the Congress of creating a crisis of distrust in politics and claimed there was a difference in their words and deeds. (With inputs from PTI)



  1. Unfortunately, most of subcontinent politician are responsible gor the mess we are in now.They never show maturity of thougts and action like most in the West.


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