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In 2016, an Indonesian girl, Saima, was proposed by a Kashmiri man, Abid Hussain Lone, and they got married. Three months ago, she gave birth to a girl child. On Saturday, Abid was shot dead in near a gunfight site in Pulwama, along with six other civilians, leaving behind his wife and daughter.

“I’m asking government justice for my husband, why he got killed? I don’t want to live here…I will leave Kashmir. He was the only one I knew in Kashmir…I don’t anyone here,” she says.


  1. Your husband died at combat site.

    Pelting stones at armed soldiers who were in Gun Fight with Jihadis and he was there in crowd trying to save those trapped Jihadis.
    Your husband was 35 years old and not a child. He was fully aware of what he was doing and had probably done is before also.

    Pelting stones at soldiers and disturbing them who are conducting a military operation anywhere in world will get you a bullet. Try doing that in Saudi Arabia.

    No sympathy.. Go to Indonesia.. India is not your home

    Problems with Muslim is that they start violence anywhere in world and when there is a retaliation they start chanting being innocent, excessive force, human rights. UNO, OIC, Islamofobia, freedom, Azadi. World has witnessed it in Serbia, Chechnya, Nigeria, Philippines, Isreal, China, Sri Lanka, China, Myanmar or Burma and many other places.

    Mehbooba Mufty, EX CM of Kashmir had very beautiful analyzed the situation which is implied to your husband also and had said:

    “Woh Wahan Kiya Dudh Leney Gaya Tha”


    • Firstly, make sure your sources are correct. He was classed as a civilian and was shot by police, where locals thought it was a result of “indiscriminate shooting”, where the crowd included children – is this the injustice you are so proud of?

      Furthermore you said anywhere in the world, civilians pelting stones at police would get shot, BULLSHIT, ever heard of tear gas and rubber bullets, what about warning shots? Heard of the thousands who surrounded the greek parliament and not one of them were killed by police forces? Doesn’t this show how corrupt and petty your Indian forces are. Do you really think that the mere act of throwing stones at ARMOURED VEHICLES deserves someone to be killed? Someone who wasn’t involved? Someone who was expressing his freedom of speech? And his rights of responsibility according to article 16? Doesn’t the Kashmiri people have every right to protest after what your forces had done to them?

      Also the fact you said “no sympathy” is extremely, utterly selfish of you, the world would be in an even graver state if everyone thinks like that. What an inhumane thing to say. Hindustan (if it exists) would never thrive properly with that kind of mentality.

      You seem to have a failed view of a government system, a government should promote general welfare regardless of race, religion etc., it’s not economically feasibly and not ethical if the government does not do so. If your government is like you, it may be safe to say that your Indian government is a failure also.

      Being an adult doesn’t inhibit people from caring about you, from loving you and worrying about you. I don’t what happened to your head to make you think like this but please do speak to a therapist.

      Furthermore, do not confuse the minute proportion of terrorists to the BILLION AND MORE muslims around the world. In the U.S “The Muslim community have the lowest crime crate, highest entrepreneurship and the highest educational attainment for women in the country.” And just like every other human in the world we should be able to protest for our rights, we should be able to protest whenever there’s injustice and persecution. Do not confuse protest with violence. Think again next time you say we tend to start violence.

    • You dont know shit and still support your rubbish army.. I am amazed to see how 800000 soldiers of so called “brave indian army” could not control 140 militants. And what goes next is that these soldiers try to pressurize. And then when they rape or killed someones family member then they call the freedom fighter a jihadist. It is indian army who has to blame solely for the situation in kashmir .

  2. Lol…What rubbish are u writing..Actually this shud not surprise any body…U know nothing and go on spitting anything…Jus have a visit over here in kashmir n then see the violence n created by Ur so called Brave army…They are the actual cowards…carrying gun all the day…nd making our young kashmiri brothers become a human shield while encounters….LIKE WOW…Why the hell is this army only in kashmir…I have visited most parts of india…but there i cudnt see any such guyz…I pray to Almighty…to make my dreamx come true…Then we will have a war till victory…

  3. […] Three month old Adifa lost her father Abid Hussain Lone, 35, when he was shot dead near a gunfight site in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district on 15 December 2018. Lone was married to an Indonesian girl, Wiwiek Widiasati, after completing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 2016. Here Widiasati is trying to console her daughter a few days after Lone was killed. […]

  4. She should return to Indonesia because Kashmiri Muslims may not tolerate a non Kashmiri to live peacefully in Kashmir.Even Terrorist may force her to support them.For her safety she should leave immediately Kashmir & can marry any Muslim of other Indian states if she want to stay in India.