Play stalled at AMU after posters depict India map without J&K

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A play on partition in Aligarh Muslim University was stalled after controversy over the display of a map of India, with parts of Jammu and Kashmir missing surfaced.

The play, penned by famous Hindi playwright Asghar Wajahat and scheduled for Sunday evening at the AMU drama club, was put off after objection was raised over its publicity posters carrying the erroneous map.

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The matter came to light a day earlier when Manvendra Singh, the vice-president of BJP’s Brij Prant regional committee, pointed out that the posters carried an erroneous map of India without portions of Jammu and Kashmir.

Left red-faced, AMU authorities immediately pulled out all posters and issued notices to staff associated with the drama club.

AMU spokesman Prof Shafey Kidwai said the president of the drama club Dr Vibha Sharma and Abdul Mannan of the cultural education centre have been asked to submit their response on this matter.

The play highlights the tragedy of the partition of India and makes a strong plea for cross cultural bonds of undivided India. (with inputs from PTI)


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