Gunfight in Kashmir: Two militants, one civilian, one cop

Amid sloganeering and wailing, thousands of people marched with the bodies of two militants and a civilian, who were killed in a gunfight today, till the martyrs’ graveyard for their funeral procession in Srinagar, Kashmir.

One funeral procession was held for all three of them at Eidgah Srinagar at evening, in which thousands of mourners joined from various areas of the city.

Later clashes were reported between the youth and government forces in many parts of the city.

Video by Bhat Burhan and Saide Zahoor | Edited by Vikar Syed

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  1. […] Like many militants, the teenager whom mother appealed to come back didn’t have the last conversation with his mother or anyone. His mother longed for his return for six months and 24 days; it ended when she saw his bullet perforated body, and she wailed, like the┬áthousands of others at his funeral. […]


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