Pray for the oppressed people of Kashmir: Khamenai

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Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenai in his Hajj speech once again talked about Kashmir and asked Muslims to pray for the oppressed people of Kashmir.

In a series of Tweets Khamenai among other things asked Muslims to pray for oppressed Muslims, “Dear #Hajj pilgrims, don’t forget to pray for Islamic Ummah, oppressed people in #Syria, #Iraq, #Palestine, #Afghanistan, #Yemen, #Bahrain, #Libya, #Pakistan, #Kashmir & #Myanmar &other parts of the world, ask God to cut the hands of U.S. &other arrogant powers &their supporters.” Khamenai wrote.

Khamenai also asked Muslims to be aware about the ‘Satanic’ policies of the west of inciting Muslims against each other, “Muslims should be aware and nullify this satanic policy [of inciting Muslims against each other]. #Hajj prepares the grounds for this awareness, and this represents the philosophy of declaring repudiation to pagans and arrogant powers during Hajj.” Khamenai tweeted.

Khamenai warned that enemies of Islam  have sought to incite Muslims by pitting Muslims against each other, “Enemies of #Islam have sought to incite Muslims to fight against each other at all times, especially the present time. Look at the behavior of arrogant, criminal U.S. today. Its main policy against Islam & Muslims is warmongering & killing Muslims at the hands of other Muslims,” Khamenai added.

Earlier in April,  Khamenei had said he was hopeful that the people of Kashmir will push back their oppressors by their resistance soon.

And in his Eid ul Fitr address last year the octogenarian leader had almost sparked a diplomatic row by equating  on-going Kashmir conflict with that of Yemen and Bahrain saying that the Muslim world must express their disdain against ‘oppressors’ who have attacked people in such horrible ways during the holy month of Ramzan.



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